Dr. Eric Frazer, Clinical & Forensic Psychologist


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Early in my career I developed an interest in conducting psychological evaluations and that passion has remained a cornerstone of my professional work. A significant amount of my practice is devoted to performing various types of court-involved evaluations.


Outside of court-involved matters, I often serve as a consultant to parents and other therapists who have referred individuals to me for diagnostic clarification and treatment planning for ADHD, pediatric mood disorders, anxiety, early onset of psychosis, and other complex mental health concerns.


My work as a therapist is oriented towards brief issue-focused psychotherapy that is research informed. In the divorce arena I provide co-parenting therapy, mediation, and parenting feedback to help with these transitions.


The demand on households with two working parents is an ever-growing challenge in today’s society. Many working mothers and fathers go through a difficult transition when childrearing begins, and I quickly help parents find the right work/life balance for their new family.

About Me:

Dr. Eric Frazer is a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialization and academic concentration in Forensic Psychology. He has been conducting psychological evaluations over 15 years. Areas of specialization include forensic psychological evaluations and forensic consultation for family, criminal, and civil matters.

In addition to his private practice, Dr. Frazer holds an academic appointment of Assistant Clinical Professor at Yale University School of Medicine and teaches seminars on various topics related to psychological assessment. In 2013, he was appointed Senior Advisor on School Threat Assessment and School Safety-Yale Behavioral Health/Yale University School Of Medicine.

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